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Thinking of Artificial intelligence or machine learning flashes images of terminator or transformers in movies in front of your eyes. But this is not it. AI is a pool where the more you explore, the more you get.

Artificial Intelligence has become a necessity for today’s genre. We knowingly or unknowingly are addicted to it. It is the ability of a machine to behave or act like a human. With its unmatched performance, it has become a helping hand for mankind and has become an active participant in every sector.

Uses of Artificial intelligence

  • The games we play on a phone or computers are one of the advantages of Artificial intelligence.
  • GPS that take show you the path to reach your desired destination is due to AI.
  • While typing on phone or any device, automated correction function works just because of this technology.
  • Tagging people of social media with their images is an instant work done by AI.
  • Managing and organizing data in the financial and banking sector.
  • Detecting fraud usage of smart card transactions.
  • Diagnosing patients, predicting their lives if they are having some severe disease, suggesting medicines, etc.
  • AI works best where the risk of human life is involved.
  • Least chances of error with greater accuracy.
  • Image recognition app helps farmers in detecting the problem with soil which is good for farming.
  • A large amount of data related to space expeditions and recoveries can be handled and organized by AI.
  • Self-driving cars are the latest invention that has amazed humans.
  • Trend of virtual assistants is gaining popularity. Amazon's Echo is an example of how AI can be used to convert human commands into actions. It can also be used to control devices at your home, book cabs, check weather, etc.

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