About Us

With the advancement of technologies, there is enormous data being generated. The rise of the big data has leveraged opportunities in various sectors and the field of the modern world. We stand at par to offer certified data science training in Mumbai and Pune that helps the attendees to pivot their future in the domain of Data Science. We offer a training program that enables you to gain knowledge and use the leading tools of analytics.

Our mission

We are passionate to enable the aspirants to prosper in the spheres of data management through scalable, accessible, accurate and innovative analytical solution. We are relentlessly focused to deliver true spirit of integrity, knowledge, and expertise to our students. We enable them to fetch with the competitive advantage through data science training in Pune and Mumbai.

Our Vision

We want to prosper as a trusted leader to deliver the advanced and most accepted methods of technologies. We believe in conducting proper projects that are guided firmly by the trends of business needs. Under the same room, we deliver knowledge and skills that make our student outshine in the practical world. We enable the student to learn various aspect of modern data science through machine learning training in Mumbai and Pune. It serves to be important for future reference.

Our team

Our team is diligent and strives to walk an extra mile for the betterment of the student. Our instructor engages the student in various industry-linked projects that are focused to make the learning process relevant. Every instructor is certified and holds an esteemed position in their respective firm. They assist you to take advantages from their daily experience. You can avail the facility through SAS training in Mumbai and Pune.

Why us?

We adopt the best learning approaches by adhering to the advanced technical assistance. We provide pre-recorded video lectures and supplement resources like guides, reference materials, handouts, transcripts of lectures to enhance the learning process. The attendees get the support of the faculty and there is doubt clearing session that helps the student to stay focused.

  • The labs and real business data projects help the student to solve the practical problems related to SAS training or Machine learning in Mumbai and Pune.
  • We provide a cutting-edge training program that uses the leading tools like the SAS, Tableau, and Python.
  • We provide placement assistance through mentorship, interview preparation, and resume building.
  • You get experimental methods of learning and assess industrial tools through the advanced SAS training in Pune and Mumbai.

Join our course and increase morale and engagement opportunities.